April 14, 2021



War crime against Australia; New Zealand raises voice against China


As the corona virus that has been rocking the world has spread from China, many countries want to keep that country under investigation. Australia is one of them.
Australia has urged China to investigate how the corona virus originated. This led to conflict between the two countries.

This conflict is currently at its peak. China has blamed Australian troops for the war. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a photo on Twitter yesterday.

It featured a man in an Australian military uniform holding a bloody knife to a child’s neck. “We are shocked by the killing of Afghan civilians and prisoners by Australian troops. We strongly condemn such acts. We call for them to be held accountable. “

The photo, released by China, comes as the Australian military declares that the killing of 39 Australian soldiers by war during the US war against Afghanistan is a war crime. But Australia says the photo is fake.

Speaking on the occasion, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “They have released a fake, outrageous photo with the intention of revenge. This fake photo makes a bad impression on our forces. China should be ashamed of this false record. And China should issue a public apology to Australia on this issue. ”

In this case, New Zealand, along with Australia, has spoken out against China. The country’s prime minister, Jacinta, told reporters: “This is an untrue film. That’s not right. We will raise those concerns considering our policy position when such images are used. Let’s record the condemnation. We will do it directly. ”

But China has not changed its position on the issue. China has categorically stated that it cannot apologize and has accused Australia of trying to divert public attention by blaming them.

A statement from the Chinese embassy in Australia said, “The allegations against China are for two purposes. One is to divert public attention from the horrific atrocities of some Australian players. The other is blaming China for making bilateral relations worse. The Australian side must face the crimes committed by the Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Our advice is to hold the perpetrators accountable and bring justice to the victims. “