May 15, 2021



United Arab Emirates spacecraft: Launches to Mars

The United Arab Emirates’ historic Mars shuttle has been launched from Japan.

Launched from Tanekashima, Japan, the spacecraft was launched by an H2-A rocket.

It will explore the climate and seasons of Mars.

The spacecraft was scheduled to launch last week but was not launched due to bad weather.

Why is the UAE going to Mars?

The United Arab Emirates is a country with little experience in spacecraft construction. The United States is seeking something that only the space agencies of the United States, Russia, the European Union, and India have achieved.

The spacecraft was built in six months by U.S. engineers trained by American experts. Its satellite will provide new scientific information about the environment of Mars.
The U.S. spacecraft is set to focus on how both the hydrogen and oxygen needed to make water are leaving Mars.

How did the United States make this possible?

The U.S. government has said one thing to those involved in the project from the beginning. That is, the spacecraft is not going to be bought outside. We are going to create this ourselves, and we are going to depend on foreigners only for the experience and education for this.

It has contracted with American universities for this. American and American scientists have worked together to build this spacecraft.

The satellite was developed at the Space Physics Center at the University of Colorado and at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai.