May 15, 2021



Trump’s adviser Navarro accuses US CEO TikTok of being a “puppet” for working on a Chinese application

White House spokesman Peter Navarro called TickTok’s new CEO, Kevin Mayer, an “American bureaucrat” who is dedicated to addressing China’s foreign demand, in an interview with Fok Business on Sunday.

Navarro also used the question to gather data from the Americans and include it in a statement from Chinese applications sent to Beijing. He added that President Donald Trump hoped for “strong action” on TikTok and other Chinese proposals.

TickTock has been around Washington for several months. But Beijing’s pressure on TikTok came last week when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the government would monitor the ban.
The Trump administration says TickTock and other Chinese apps are collecting large amounts of data from American users returning to China, Navarro reports.

“What Americans need to understand is that all the information included in mobile apps is very interesting to children, it’s very valuable and goes directly to China, and it’s the same for the Chinese military, the Chinese judiciary and the agencies that want to steal intellectual property,” Navarro told Fock.

“These applications may be used to prevent theft and misappropriation of personal and financial data, theft of intellectual property and lost assets.”

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology could not be reached for comment.

Navarro has also talked to WeChat, the majority of Chinese-speaking applications using Tencent technology.

“TickTock and WeChat are the largest census genres in mainland China, so we should expect that,” he said.

TikTok does not work in major Chinese countries. However, BiteDance produces a product very similar to Douiin.
After learning that India had not accepted the Chinese request, Navarro said, “TickTok, WeChat, I think the president will start with these two things,” which doesn’t make sense. The prevention is coming.

In response to Navarro’s comments, a TickTock spokesman said it was “very serious” to violate users’ data policies.

“Our chief police officer has more than a decade of experience in US law and order. TickTock’s parents are a corporate firm backed by some of America’s most respected lawmakers, four of which are five, “a TickTock spokesman told CNBC.

“TickTock is popular all over the world, but it is not easy to use in China. As mentioned above, we have not shared the views of TikTok users with the Chinese government and no, we will do what we ask. Term ».

Tencent declined to comment.

TikTok has previously been accused of independence, but declined to comment “based on information about the openness of China or other governments.” In terms of confidentiality, TickTock has previously said that US user data is stored in the United States and has a paper copy in Singapore. The statement also said that he “did not send user data to the Chinese government” or did not request it.

At the same time, in mainland China, the hacking of posts and messages, including WeChat services, is of interest to the Chinese government.

Director of TikTok “Little America”
In turn, TikTok tries to distance itself from the Chinese company.

BiteDance hired former Disney CEO Kevin Mayer this year as CEO of TickTock. Its main purpose is to create protection by law enforcement agencies.

But Navarro opposed joining, calling Mayer an “American dictionary” and saying the strategy of bringing Americans into the office was “ineffective.”

TickTock doesn’t always have the same approach to information, especially information about Mayer.

A White House market analyst said plans to hand over TickTock to an American company would not be as effective as the United States.

“If TickTock, if it is an American company, will not help us, because … it will send extra dollars to China in favor of TickTock, which operates in the United States,” the statement said. Navarro.