May 15, 2021



Terrorists bombing at a nuclear plant: Iran accuses Israel of terrorist attack

Terrorists bombing at a nuclear plant: Iran accuses Israel of terrorist attack

Terrorists bombing at a nuclear plant: Iran accuses Israel of terrorist attack

Iran signed a nuclear deal

Iran signed a nuclear deal in 2015 between six developed countries, including the United States. Accordingly, Iran was allowed to enrich uranium for creative purposes. However, the country has a limit on the amount of uranium it can stockpile and the extent to which it can be enriched.

After the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, he withdrew from the agreement citing flaws.

Moreover, he has again imposed sanctions on Iran. In retaliation, Iran repeatedly violated the terms of the nuclear deal. Iran began enriching uranium enrichment in November at an underground plant in Fordo, south of Tehran, which was shut down in 2015.

Due to this, the conflict between Iran and the United States intensified. In this context, the new administration, led by Joe Biden, is pushing for a negotiated settlement with Iran.

In this context, a new uranium enrichment plant is being built in Nathans, Iran’s province of Isfahan. The United States and Israel have strongly opposed Iran’s construction of the new plant. However, Iran continues to increase uranium enrichment without complying with the limits of the nuclear deal.

As part of this, Iran announced yesterday that it has begun using new advanced IR6-type centrifuges to enrich uranium at its uranium enrichment plant in Nathans‌.

A part of the plant caught fire due to this accident. However, Behroos Kamalwendi, a spokesman for Iran’s civilian nuclear program, said the blast did not affect power at the plant.

He further added that no major damage was caused to the plant.

The crash comes amid ongoing talks in the Austrian capital, Vienna, between the signatories to the nuclear deal.

It is noteworthy that in July last year, while construction was underway at the plant, a terrible fire broke out, destroying several lakhs worth of modern machinery, which Iran blamed on an Israeli attack.

The country’s top nuclear official has said work is underway to destroy Iran’s main nuclear power plant. Behroz Kamalwendi, a spokesman for Iran’s nuclear watchdog, said on Sunday morning that work was underway to sabotage the plant’s power grid.

Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s nuclear watchdog, described the incident as sabotage and nuclear terrorism. And he says Iran condemns this heinous act. Iran stresses the need for the international community and the International Atomic Energy Agency to combat nuclear terrorism.

Iran has the right to take action against criminals. However, the Israeli public media quoted intelligence sources as saying that this was the result of an Israeli cyber attack.

Israel has not directly commented on the incident.