April 14, 2021



7,500 crore election fund: Donald Trump

I’ll see you again in the next 4 years – Trump’s speech at the opening ceremony of the Christmas celebration


The last 3-day presidential election ended amid great anticipation in the United States.

Incumbent President Trump ran for a second term against Republican Joe Biden, who ran against him.

The counting of votes lasted for 4 days as an unprecedented number of postal votes were cast in this election due to the corona spread.

The tug-of-war between the two candidates continued. However, Joe Biden, who was in the lead from the beginning, won by more votes than needed to form a government.

He will become the 46th President of the United States on January 20 next year. But Trump continues to be stubborn in not acknowledging his defeat.

Not only that, but he has been waging a legal battle against Joe Biden’s victory, accusing him of election irregularities. Yet he continues to face setbacks in this legal battle. So Trump is determined to leave the White House.

With this in mind President Trump kicked off the Christmas celebrations at the White House yesterday. This is the last Christmas that Trump and his family will celebrate at the White House.

Many members of Trump’s Republican Party attended the opening ceremony of the Christmas celebrations at the White House.

Speaking at the ceremony, Trump hinted that he would run again in the 2024 presidential election.

These 4 years were amazing when he talked about it. We are trying to stay for 4 more years. It said otherwise I would see you in the next 4 years.

Political observers see Trump’s speech as showing his desire to run in the next presidential election and his readiness to concede defeat in the current election.

“I’m delighted to share this special moment of the year, America The Beautiful, and to congratulate the majesty of our great nation. Together, we celebrate the moment we were here,” Melania posted on her official Twitter account.