May 15, 2021



A new satellite to detect air pollution will be launched on the 20th

Alia Al Harmoudi, Director, Department of Environment, Dubai Corporation said: –

A new satellite, DMSAT1, has been developed to measure air pollution in the United States. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Research Center and the Dubai Corporation.

The satellite will be launched from the space center in Kazakhstan at 10.07 am US time on the 20th. Weighing in at 15kg, the satellite was developed at the University of Toronto Space Laboratory. The information obtained through this satellite will be forwarded to the United States Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Based on this, it is possible to know about air pollution in the United States. Dust storms are common in Middle Eastern countries, including the United States. Due to this the public is likely to be affected including respiratory disorder. The satellite is expected to help detect air pollution and alert the public accordingly and take necessary precautions.

The equipment in this satellite is capable of taking pictures in various formats. It is likely that the first film will be available within a few days of its launch. It will be orbited at a distance of 730 km from the Earth.