May 15, 2021



15,300 New Coronovirus cases in Florida

FLORIDA – Florida has broken the national record for one-day coronavirus cases that have increased the risk of death since the crisis began. Today it is growing, more than 15,000 cases.

According to the statistics of the regional Department of Health, in 269,811 cases, 15,299 people were successfully examined and 45 died.

Good daily affairs in California – 11,694, scheduled for Wednesday. As of April 15, 11,571 of them were in New York

The 514 deaths described in Florida came at a record-breaking weekend – an average of 73 deaths a day, and three weeks later the state kills 30 deaths a day. The state estimates that 4,346 people have died from COVID-19 in Florida since the outbreak began in March.

There were two tests last month, from about 25,000 tests per day to about 50,000, but the number of positive test takers is growing. Last month, less than 5% of the daily average level of tests was good. Over the past week, the daily average has increased by 19%.

10.7% of Saturday’s 143,000 tests were good. “I still think we need to increase testing for ourselves,” he said. Cindy Prince, a cancer specialist at the University of Florida, says state and local health agencies need to strengthen the supply chain.

The owner says he is still worried about the crowd, the boat shop and some restaurants. Reports from nonprofit clubs and groups in South Florida are also in focus.

“I think we can manage. This is the most important part of humanity. This should be a job for our country. When we face adversity, we must unite. We are not doing it, “he said. he. “I know people want to live. The dead have done good to our society many times. It’s like a struggle. We need it now. “

Miami-Dade City Councilor Carlos Kimenez told CNN on Sunday that hospitals in his area will be coming soon, but he can add full care, including many beds.

“We still have energy, but it worries me,” he said.

In May and June, the government opened up its economy and most of its neighbors – many positives began, but the number of days to die has steadily increased over the past week.

With high mortality and morbidity, doctors recommend increasing the risk of infection, usually within two to four weeks, as some people die and die. Health experts are worried that thousands will gather in Jacksonville in August for President Donald Trump’s presidential election.

On Saturday, the Walt Disney World in Orlando launched a project to improve animal welfare and health, urging health workers not to congregate. Visitors to the forest floor said there were large pits and distances from the community, and the videos showed empty smoke.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had hoped to open more schools next month, despite rising prices and unchecked land and camp deaths. He noted that it is the responsibility of each district to create a local anti-influenza environment, adding that schools will not be open to collecting achievements between students and students. high quality

“We have high costs, and because there are no private schools, they are not paid,” he said. “The fall of the crown, unfortunately, is very low for students.”